jesterking_vernaldichotomous_2016Jester King is pleased to introduce Jester King 2016 Vernal Dichotomous — their farmhouse ale brewed with grilled lemons and smoked paprika. Like a number of the beers they make, they took inspiration from the culinary world. In their opinion, brewing beer is an extension of cooking. In this case, they loosely mimicked a very simple, but delicious seafood preparation — grilling, a squeeze of lemon, and a dash of smoked paprika.

2016 Vernal Dichotomous was brewed in June of 2016 with Two Row malted barley from Blacklands Malt, Vienna, Spelt, Rye, hops, grilled lemons, and smoked paprika. The grilled lemons and smoked paprika were added at the end of the boil. It was fermented in stainless steel with their mixed culture of brewers yeast, native yeast, and native bacteria. It was then packaged in August, and 100% naturally refermented. At the time of packaging, 2016 Vernal Dichotomous was 5.2% alcohol by volume, 25 IBU, 4.2 pH, and had a gravity of 1.002 (0.5 Plato).


2016 Vernal Dichotomous was released at the Jester King on Friday, September 30th. They had approximately 6,000 bottles available (750ml/$14), and some of the batch will be distributed in Texas by Flood Independent Distribution.


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