Jester King head brewer Garrett Crowell is leaving Jester King to open his own brewery. Garrett worked for Jester King almost three years as theirr Head Brewer and two years prior to that as brewer and volunteer. Most notably, he created Jester King’s mixed culture of brewers yeast, native yeast, and native bacteria that they use to ferment all their beer, apart from their 100% spontaneous fermentations.

Jeffrey Stuffings, founder of Jester King, stated the following in their announcement: “Through his thoughtfulness, creativity, and skill, Garrett has done an exemplary job helping us make beer tied to a time, place, and people. His work has helped us document our natural surroundings through beer and breath life into our core philosophy. He’s also done a wonderful job representing us publicly and spreading the gospel of mixed culture fermentation. We expect continued great things from Garrett going forward.

The Beer Alien staff want to wish Garrett Crowell good luck and success in his new venture. We will be eagerly awaiting the first releases from Garrett Crowell’s new brewery.

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