IZO Spirits Announces Limited Edition Mezcal Añejo Cenizo

Terry Bunch Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

IZO Spirits is highly recognized for its premium line of award-winning agave spirits that elevate the palate and tasting experience. To heighten the sipping senses of loyal IZO drinkers even further, the industry-leading brand just announced a new limited edition Mezcal Añejo Cenizo available beginning of October 2021. With just 749 bottles available, now is the time to hop on the opportunity to be a part of the exclusive collection that warms your soul with its savory, lightly smoked flavor. For avid Mezcal aficionados, it’s love at first sip.

“Our new limited edition Mezcal complements the entirety of the IZO Spirits collection while taking the sipping experience to a new level of satisfaction. It embodies vanilla, oak, and walnut within the elegant velvet taste of fruit, making for a warm and comforting fall beverage” said IZO Co-Founder Gaston Martinez – a native of Mexico. “Mezcal Añejo Cenizo is made for those with a sophisticated palate and a passion for myriad flavors and scents. As always, this launch was curated with the heart of my community in mind, as ingredients in every IZO spirit are harvested from my hometown.” 

It’s not just the flavor that makes IZO Spirits stand out. It’s also the process and intention that go into carefully crafting every bottle. Inspired by ancestral methods, Mezcal Añejo Cenizo is crafted from wild agave grown on the high-altitude mesas of Durango, Mexico. The agave hearts are roasted in fire pits beneath the earth, using locally selected oak and volcanic rock to create the finest quality liquor. Finally, the mezcal is aged for over a year in American oak barrels to magnify the soft floral aroma of banana, green apple, orange, as well as the nutty, sweet undertones. The silky smooth liquid is made to sip. Get your hands on a bottle while you can.

It’s time to get sipping on IZO Spirits. Savor the new limited edition Mezcal Anejo Cenizo before it’s too late – shop the bold bottle of tantalizing smoky flavor at IZOSpirits.com this week only. Delicious alone or in cocktails, toast every moment with the smooth, all-natural flavor of IZO Spirits premium spirits. Learn more about the IZO Spirits brand and shop its historic collection of pure-distilled agave spirits at IZOSpirits.com.