Iron Fist Brewing Co, located in Vista, CA, has shipped 18 pallets (1,080 cases or 12,960 bottles) to Sweden to be distributed to all 800 government run liquor stores there.In Sweden the government holds a monopoly on the liquor stores to ensure strict enforcement of liquor sales. All alcohol over 3.5% being purchased for consumption off premises must be sold in one of the government controlled stores. Swedish bars may sell bottles over 3.5% for consumption on premises.

Beer Alien spoke with brewmaster Brandon Sieminski and event coordinator Melody Campbell about this large international order.

Beer Alien discovered that the distributor in Sweden had decided that they wanted a California craft beer to retail in Sweden. So they started tasting California craft beers and eventually narrowed their search down to six choices. Then, after further analysis and research, the distribution team chose Iron Fist Brewing Co. The crew at Iron Fist Brewing Co are all very excited about this project.

The order was loaded into in an international shipping bag inside a shipping container:

Iron Fist international shipping bag

Iron Fist preparing the international shipping bag

Then the pallets were all loaded into the container inside the international shipping bag:

Iron Fist pallets ready for Sweden

Iron Fist pallets ready for Sweden

The they zip up the international shipping bag, close the container and the loading is done. The container’s journey includes a truck ride to the San Diego Harbor where it is loaded onto a ship. The ship will travel south, go through the Panama Canal and then across the Atlantic Ocean… destination… Sweden. The trip should take 2-3 weeks. Of course, if our spacecraft was in working order, we could have delivered the beer to Sweden in a few minutes.

The staff at Beer Alien would like to congratulate Iron Fist Brewing Co for achieving this milestone. It is a victory not only for Iron Fist, but for California craft beer as a whole.

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