HOPS (Humulus lupulus)

Greetings humans! Good news has been released from the intelligent select you call scientists. New research suggests that the critical ingredient in many of your beers, hops, is not only delicious but healthy for your bodies as well!

Heavy alcohol consumption is often associated with a rather unfortunate side effect. No, not waking up the next day to realize you bought one of those ridiculous horse head masks on Amazon (but hey free shipping with Prime right?). No, this is more serious an issue than poor decisions. The consumption of alcohol can result in the buildup of fat in the liver, which can then lead to liver disease. So what’s the solution? Drink beer!

That’s right, this study found that the consumption of hops actually attenuated the accumulation of alcohol-induced hepatic fat.

Hops May Protect Against Liver Disease

Using mice as the comparison for your feeble human bodies, researchers tested 3 conditions: beer with hops, beer without hops, and ethanol. 12 hours after feeding the mice their respective alcohol, the researchers examined the livers. They found that the buildup of fat in the liver was similar in the ethanol and non-hop conditions, whereas the mice fed hoppy beer showed a significant reduction in fat buildup.

This research helps explain why those who drink predominantly hard alcohol are more likely to develop liver disease than those who stick with the good stuff (beer). It also indicates that the hoppier the beer, the healthier it is!

Hop-heads can now rejoice. It seems like imperial IPAs are not only a delicious treat, but a healthy choice. If you aren’t normally a fan of the hoppy, take a look at our extensive list of beer reviews to find the brew that’s right for you. You know, cause its healthy.

Cheers Humans!

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