Hong Kong Beer Co. (HKBC) is debuting White Pearl, available on draft and in bottles, as the sixth and newest member of its year-round beer offerings. In addition, HKBC is launching a new series of limited release, draft-only beers dubbed the New Territories Series.

White Pearl
The White Pearl, Hong Kong Beer Co.’s interpretation of a Belgian white ale, has a decidedly “Pearl River Delta” character. The generous amount of wheat malt is complimented by a bevy of local ingredients, including dried Mandarin orange peel, aged for over 3 years, and fragrant rose buds, sourced from local markets, as well as honey from Wing Wo Bee Farm in the New Territories, one of the premier apiaries in Hong Kong. The use of a special yeast strain gives this straw-colored, unfiltered beer a refreshingly complex, tart, and citrusy flavor overlaying a hint of honey and infused aromatics.

“This beer was designed to be a perfect thirst quencher for Hong Kong’s warm climate,” commented Simon Pesch, HKBC’s Brew Master. “It is a beer style that allowed us to combine our passion for brewing great beer while utilizing locally sourced ingredients and flavors. This beer is ideal as a summer refresher and it also pairs really well with many foods. It is a classic with steamed mussels and also great with light seafood dishes, salads, sushi, grilled chicken, herbed cheeses and citrusy desserts.” The White Pearl will be available in bottles and on draft throughout Hong Kong and in Singapore and Shenzhen shortly thereafter.

The White Pearl joins the rest of the HKBC portfolio of year-round beers. HKBC’s flagship is Hong Kong Beer, an American-style Amber that features a balanced, light-caramel malt profile and prominent citrus hop aroma. The beer with the lowest alcohol content in the portfolio is Gambler’s Gold, a Golden Ale designed to be a thoroughly thirst quenching and sessionable beer with tropical fruit accents derived from the judicious addition of American and Australian hops. Dragon’s Back Pale Ale features a generous use of American hops during the boil and subsequent dry hopping to significantly boost aroma and complement its pale malt backbone. Big Wave Bay IPA is named for the beach at the end of the Dragon’s Back Trail that wends its way through the hills near our brewery. Our Big Wave Bay is a robust but well balanced, aggressively dry-hopped, West-Coast-style India Pale Ale with a rich base of malt and a wallop of American and Australian hops. Rounding out the year-round offerings is the Sevens Stout, a tribute to the Hong Kong rugby classic, made, as the name would suggest, with seven different types of malts. The addition of rolled oats gives this dark but very drinkable stout a silky and seductive mouth-feel.

New Territories Series
The New Territories Series will feature limited-release beers available exclusively on tap at selected outlets. Much like Hong Kong itself, beer offerings in the New Territories Series will be constantly evolving and brewed specially for craft beer lovers who value unique flavors and emerging beers styles that don’t necessarily fit into traditional categories. “The craft beer scene in Hong Kong has really exploded over the last 18 months,” commented Devin Kimble, HKBC Director. “We are collaborating with local bars and restaurants at the forefront of the Hong Kong craft beer revolution to develop new, limited release beers meant to appeal to some of Hong Kong’s most enthusiastic and adventurous craft beer lovers who are always looking for something new and exciting to try. Many of the beer styles in the New Territories Series will be brewed for the first time in Hong Kong and will be available with the freshness that only a local-produced beer can offer. First in the New Territories Series will be our Wushu Warrior, a White IPA brewed with two strains of yeast, four different hops and 70% wheat malt. The blend of hops creates delicious floral, earthy and citrus hop flavors and aromas complemented by the mild tartness from the yeast. The copious amount of wheat malt give this beer a distinctive, velvety mouthfeel,” added Mr. Kimble.

The New Territories Series will complement Hong Kong Beer Co.’s Crooked Island Cask Series of real ales available only in casks. Launched earlier this year to commemorate our 20th year anniversary and named after our first brand, the Crooked Island Cask Series offers a range of different beer styles and dry hopping treatments, all featuring the seductive mouth-feel that only cask-conditioned beers can offer. Some of the beer styles brewed to date in the Crooked Island Series include several aromatic Session IPAs (each brewed with different varieties of hops), an Extra Special Bitter, the decadent Devil’s Peak Black IPA, a cask version of Sevens Stout and Rickshaw Ride, a hoppy Red Ale.



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