I’ve been shopping at The Homebrewer in North Park since they opened about a year ago.  Owner George Thorton has decided to open the location after leaving Home Brews & Gardens (now Thorn Street Brewing) to start their own homebrew supply store.  When I met George, I was not a very experienced brewer but he really helped me get the hang of homebrewing.  If you walk into The Homebrewer, you my see George greet you with his bearded smile and may ask “so what are you brewing today?” or if you are new to the hobby, he will be very friendly and knowledgeable, without coming across as a pretentious.

I was excited when I heard that they acquired the adjacent suite so that they can install a brewery.  I know George and his staff know their stuff, when it comes to beer and brewing, so I can imagine how great these beers will be.  I have the feeling they will not be the types to only make the west coast style ales.  Upon brewing my first lager, I had tons of advice from The Homebrewer staff and can tell that German styles are not out of the question.

Here’s some details from Sandiego.eater.com

Once they’re given the green light, owner and head brewer George Thornton plans to install a 3BBL brewhouse that will be all about enhancing the education of their home brew customers. They’ll hold three to four classes a week on everything from brewing true to style to experimenting with different yeasts and pairing food and beer; Thornton also hopes to be able to brew one-off collaborations with local craft beer bars.

The tasting room, which will be stocked with 20 taps, will have an outdoor patio and should be up and running by early February.

I, for one, would be very excited to take a class using a 3BBL (about 90 gallons) brewhouse.  I also have a feeling the taps would also be used educate your beer palate on styles, brewing technique and ingredients.

homebrewer george thorton

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