The Homebrewer is a home brew supply shop in the North Park area of San Diego.  Owners George and Molly Thornton opened The Homebrewer 2 years ago and have found a niche with competitive prices, great service and a staff with vast knowledge on all things brewing.  The time has come for them to expand into the realm of brewing.  Their approach is to show examples of how different yeast strains, hops and malts effect the flavor, aroma, color and mouthfeel of beer.

From George Thornton:

We’ve had a great response so far to our Kickstarter campaign! We’re almost 60% towards our goal, but we want to go way beyond that, because there is so much more we can do to make our brewery top-notch. Our Kickstarter Christmas Wish list includes brite tanks, extra fermenters, microscopes, a bottling assembly, and more! If you’ve already contributed, thank you! You can all still help by continuing to share the link below on your page. Repetition is key, so keep at it!

For more on The Homebrewer’s brewery campaign and to contribute, visit their Kickstarter page.

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