I am on a staycation and was out of my regular espresso I drink in the morning.  I made my way down to Bine & Vine to pick up a coffee stout and came across Beeruccino by Helm’s Brewing Co.  I had tried this once before but it was at the San Diego Festival of Beers, and honestly, I had forgotten if I had liked it or not.  I tend to try a lot of beers at beer fests, and end up not remembering any of them.  I snagged this as well as some Russian River goodies and headed home for my breakfast beer.

I poured this deep coffee colored beer into my glass beer mug and noticed it’s nice, frothy, dark tan head.  It was a very impressive head that stuck around for about 5 minutes, then all but disappeared!  Well, that was a bit disappointing.  Once the head was gone, so was the aroma.  I know coffee can be a bit of a head killer but maybe they could have added some wheat for head retention?

I gave the beer a sniff, while the head was still present, and basked in it’s glory.  Amazing notes of light roasted coffee, vanilla and cocoa.  It was short lived, but amazing while it lasted.  The taste was just as expected, big coffee, roasted malts, vanilla, cocoa and light smoke.  There is no detectable hops, and I am just fine with that.

The mouthfeel was powdery and flat.  I guess when the head died, so did the carbonation.  I would recommend pouring a little at a time into your glass.  Beeruccino, is a great beer, but it needs some fixing.  The beer itself is great, just fix the carbonation and head retention.  Still, I would recommend this beer, especially if you are a fan of coffee stout.

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