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Heavy Metal Band KATAKLYSM to Release “St. Tabarnak” Blonde Ale Beer

Heavy Metal Band KATAKLYSM to Release “St. Tabarnak” Blonde Ale Beer


Belgium’s fast rising brewery powerhouse Eutropius has joined forces with Montreal Death Metal masters KATAKLYSM to bring you the band‘s own branded beer to the world! What makes this alliance special is, that this speciality craft beer has been brewed with the bands approval on a unique recipe for a pure Belgian blonde beer and stands at a mighty and unholy 6.66% alcohol content, a smooth refreshing tasting beer that packs power just like the band’s music. Keeping true to the bands origins, the beer has been baptized with the “St. Tabarnak” name; “Tabarnak” is a popular slang word in Quebec, Canada and fits perfectly with the bands heritage, upbringing and rebellious nature.

The beer will be coming out this August to commemorate the release of the bands highly anticipated new album Of Ghosts And Gods (due out July, 31st worldwide). It will be available in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland in the first month with plans to release it and distribute it across Europe, Canada and the States for this fall.

Eutropius Brewery CEO Wouter Vermeersch comments:

“Today, our brewery can finally announce its deal with the Canadian Death Metal force KATAKLYSM. We are proud to cooperate in unleashing their own blonde ale beer into the world.“

KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono comments:

“It‘s a total honor of being asked to partake in such a project. We started with our own hot sauce to start the party for our new record release and now we have the beer to go with it, the music is coming this summer and all this is for our fans. They deserve it! Cheers Tabarnak!“

Pre-order your copy of KATAKLYSM’s upcoming crushing record Of Ghosts And Gods here: http://nblast.de/KATAKLYSMGhosts

Visit KATAKLYSM online: www.facebook.de/kataklysm I www.nuclearblast.de/kataklysm

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