Harpoon Brewery and Zildjian cymbals collaborate on a craft beer

Harpoon Brewery and Zildjian cymbals collaborate on a craft beer

Harpoon Brewery and Zildjian cymbals collaborate on a craft beer


zildjian_bottle_glassIt takes a certain breed to master the art of drumming. The cymbals are considered by many to be the true voice and personality of the drummer. Behind a locked door in the Zildjian factory in Norwell, MA is the secret ingredient that creates the most revered cymbals in the world. 80% copper, 20% tin, and a little bit of silver, only a handful of people know that extra ingredient that makes it Zildjian. Like brewing beer, there is an art and passion behind creating cymbals. Combining those passions makes both even better. Introducing Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale, a Pale Ale brewed in collaboration with Zildjian.

Each ingredient in this Pale Ale shapes its personality. Centennial and Equinox hops give a fruity aroma of mango and passion fruit. A nod to Zildjian’s recipe, this beer is brewed with an 80/20 split of caramel malts giving the beer its golden copper color. The finish is smooth.

“We all had a great time working with Zildjian on this beer, and we have several drummers here at the brewery who have been especially excited about this collaboration,” says Dan Kenary, Harpoon CEO & Co-Founder. “To be able to work with a like-minded, local, great company who produces the most revered cymbals in the world has been a once in a lifetime experience. Music is part of our daily lives at the brewery – and to us it’s a big part of loving beer and loving life. In fact, one of our resident drummers played on the brew deck on the day this beer was being brewed. So not only was this beer musically inspired, it’s musically infused!”   

“When we first met with Harpoon’s team, we found a lot of similarities between making cymbals and brewing beer.  Both processes are led by a team of craftsmen working in the Boston area fueled by a passion and dedication to making the finest products for a loyal fan base,” said Craigie Zildjian, CEO of Zildjian.

Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale is available now in 22 oz. bottles and on draft. For more information visit www.harpoonbrewery.com. To locate Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale, use the Harpoon Beer Finder at http://www.harpoonbrewery.com/beer-finder, checking back periodically for new locations.

To celebrate the launch of Secret Alloy Ale, Harpoon and Zildjian will be hosting a party on Friday, July 29th at Lawn on D from 7-10 pm. Emceed by drumming legend Mike Mangini of Dream Theater, the event will include “Drum Karaoke” followed by a live performance from Bearstronaut. Free of charge and open to all (21+ with ID). More info can be found at www.harpoonbrewery.com.

Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale Specs:

Style: Pale Ale

ABV: 7.2%

IBUs: 41

Color: 20 EBC


Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Golden/Copper

Aroma: Mango, passionfruit, slight sweetness Mouth feel: Medium body

Taste: Slightly bitter, hoppy, hoppy fruit

Finish: Smooth


For additional information about Harpoon Secret Alloy Ale and the Harpoon Brewery, please contact Liz Melby at lmelby@harpoon.com or visit www.harpoonbrewery.com. Follow Harpoon on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheHarpoonBrewery, on Twitter at @harpoon_brewery, and on Instagram at @harpoonbrewery.


About the Harpoon Brewery:

The Harpoon Brewery was founded by beer lovers Dan Kenary, Rich Doyle, and George Ligeti.  In 1986 Harpoon was issued Brewing Permit #001 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, since it was the first brewery to brew commercially in Boston after a dormant period of about 25 years.  Harpoon’s line of craft beer features its award winning IPA and UFO beers, along with special seasonal selections. In 2000 Harpoon purchased a second brewery in Windsor, VT, making Harpoon the 19th largest craft brewer in the US.  Harpoon has since introduced the limited batch 100 Barrel Series and the as well as the all-natural Harpoon Craft Cider made from freshly pressed apples.  In August 2014 Harpoon became an employee-owned company. For more information about Harpoon beers and visiting the breweries, visit www.harpoonbrewery.com


About Zildjian:

The Avedis Zildjian Company is the world’s largest cymbal maker crafted by fifteen generations of artists and artisans since 1623.  The name “Zildjian” means “son of cymbal maker” in Armenian which was given to Avedis I by the sultan of Turkey.  In 1929, Avedis Zildjian III moved the company and its secret formula from Turkey to the USA where he invented the modern cymbal business by working side by side with the legends of popular music.  From Classical to Big Band to Jazz to Rock n’ Roll, the Zildjian family understands the evolving needs of drummers from all genres and has created one the greatest legacies in all of music.  Today, Zildjian continues to define the cymbal category through its dedication to helping drummers find their own, unique sound and by delivering the most diverse and highest quality range of cymbals, drumsticks and accessories.   Visit www.zildjian.com for the latest products.

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