The Harpoon Brewery Releases 100 Barrel Series Sticke Alt

The Harpoon Brewery Releases 100 Barrel Series Sticke Alt

The Harpoon Brewery Releases 100 Barrel Series Sticke Alt

We are excited to announce Harpoon Brewery‘s awesome specialty beer!


Each spring Harpoon employees celebrating an anniversary (5th, 8th, 12th, etc.) are taken on a week long overseas “beer trip.”  During these trips, the Harpoon group is taken on special tours of breweries throughout various regions of Europe to explore and enjoy European beer culture.  The 2015 Harpoon beer trip to Germany inspired the latest creation for the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series: introducing Harpoon Sticke Alt.

One night in Dusseldorf, a group of Harpooners on this annual beer trip spent the evening trying altbiers in an outdoor beer garden. The story goes that they kept their good-humored server busy adding notches to their coasters with every round, and the lively conversations with friends and locals kept them jovial throughout the night. There was one version of alt in particular, the Sticke Alt, that stood out. Sticke means “secret” because those who brew it keep the recipe a secret. It is a more formidable version of a beloved style; a medium-full body, a rich, complex flavor, and a clean German yeast character. The beer and the evening left a lasting impression, and the group came home wanting to recreate that unforgettable night in Dusseldorf for themselves and their friends.

The Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Sticke Alt will be available in 22 oz. bottles and on draft starting May 1st. An event celebrating the release of Harpoon Sticke Alt, featuring the Harpoon brewers of the beer and German-inspired fare, will be held at the Harpoon Beer Hall in Boston on Wednesday, May 4th. For information and tickets visit

Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Sticke Alt Beer Specs:

  • Style:  Sticke Alt
  • ABV:  6.6%
  • IBUs:  50     

Harpoon Sticke Alt Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance:  Amber/brown with garnet and red hues
  • Aroma:  Chocolate, caramel, wheat, bready, slight fruity hop aroma
  • Mouthfeel:  Medium-Full Body with a bitterness that cuts the sweet malt 
  • Taste:  Rich and complex malt profile with some noble hops in the finish and a clean yeast character from German Ale Yeast fermented at slightly cool temps
  • Finish:  Sweet, slightly bitter, leaving you wanting another sip

On Saturday, April 23rd a group of 18 Harpooners boarded a plane to London for a week in the UK for the 2016 beer trip. Past destinations of the Harpoon employee beer trip have included Belgium, Austria, England, Ireland, Poland, Italy, and Hungary. Other beers in the 100 Barrel Series inspired by the annual trip include Refsvindinge Danish Farmhouse Ale, Polskie Mastne, and Tuscan Pool Party.

About the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series:

Harpoon introduced the 100 Barrel Series in 2003 to showcase the individual brewing talents of its employees.  Every couple months, a different Harpooner is invited to choose a style of beer, formulate the recipe, and brew the beer. That brewer’s signature can be found on the bottle label. The beers in the series are one-offs; they are brewed in limited batches and are available only until the batch sells out. Since the series began in May of 2003, 57 different styles of beer have been brewed.  For a complete list of beers that have been released as part of the 100 Barrel Series, visit    

 For more information on Harpoon Brewery check out their:

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