We all have great stories to tell – we’re beer drinkers. Harpoon Brewery’s story started with three beer drinkers and friends who wanted better beer options. 30 years, two breweries, and hundreds of festivals later, beer has been the foundation for some of the most unforgettable stories, the ones told, retold, and laughed about over and over and again. After all, no great story ever started with, “So I was eating a salad….”

To celebrate Harpoon’s 30th anniversary, for the next several weeks Harpooners will be celebrating beer stories. Harpooners will be sharing their stories and inviting beer drinkers to tell their own. The stories will be collected on www.Harpoon30.com. In addition to written stories, Harpoon will be sharing videos of Harpoon employees and drinkers telling their beer stories. The first video, “Shellfish”, can be viewed at www.Harpoon30.com

Nothing tells Harpoon’s story better than the beers themselves. So today Harpoon released the Harpoon 30-Pack, a limited edition mix pack comprised of 15 styles of Harpoon beers, two of each style. The beers in the 30-Pack were voted on by Harpoon employees and represent beers throughout Harpoon’s history, many of which haven’t been offered for years, like bottled Harpoon Dark, and some that have just been introduced, like Interrobang. For the full lineup of beers in the Harpoon 30-Pack visit https://harpoon30pack.splashthat.com/.

Harpoon launched the 30th celebration on Thursday, October 13th at Harpoon’s Beer Hall in Boston. The daylong event featured special events throughout the day, including an onsite Mosaic Creation, Pop Up Harpooner Stories on Brewery Tours, Tell Your Story on Video, and a Beer Hall Visitor Raffle. For more information about the launch event visit http://harpoon30.com/october13.

To read Harpoon’s beer stories, submit your own story, and watch videos, visit www.Harpoon30.com.


For more information about Harpoon beers and visiting the breweries, visit www.harpoonbrewery.com

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