Mark to be released Nov. 12 at Brewery in conjunction with 66ers’s new logo

Redlands, CA – Hangar 24 Craft Brewery will introduce a new brewery logo at
an event held at their Tasting Room patio on November 12 at 6pm.  The event
will be held in conjunction with The Inland Empire 66ers, who will also
unveil a new logo at the event. The Brewery’s new mark incorporates elements
of aviation and brewing from past marks while introducing a unique typeface
and a new range of colors. It includes an additional, simplified ‘H24’ logo
and an icon to use on a variety of pieces.
Packaging and labels will retain the same design, while introducing the logo
and typeface elements. The new logo will gradually come into use as new
packaging is ordered, and has already been used by the brewery’s Marketing
Department for promotional materials.

“Our new look takes elements from our history and from past designs,
bringing them forward to create an authentic new look that encompasses
Hangar 24 as it stands today,” said Founder and Master Brewer Ben Cook.
“We’ve had so many different logos and marks over the years, and we’ve grown
so much as a company, we thought it was time to bring all of this history
together to create one unifying mark that represents Hangar 24 and our

The new mark combines the high arch of an aircraft hangar with the wings of
an eagle, elements used in the Brewery’s previous logos. The barley featured
in the old logo remains, balancing aspects of aviation and brewing. Two
different 40’s-era fonts complete the design and include a unique font
created especially for the words ‘Hangar 24’.


“The Hangar 24 name has a very specific meaning to me,” said Cook. “My
fellow pilots and I would invite our families and friends out to the
Redlands airport, and we’d make sure that everyone had a chance experience
the joy of flying. Once we were back on the ground, it was in hangar 24 that
we’d meet up to swap stories, share our homebrews, barbecue and play music.”


The full logo and its horizontal design are accompanied by a vertical option
that uses the popular abbreviation “H24” instead of the Brewery’s full name.
Introduced for the Brewery’s 1st Anniversary, merchandise bearing the H24
logo has remained amongst the most popular clothing sold at the Brewery’s
Tasting Room. Also created is an icon using graphic elements from the logo,
but no text, for use on items as an added visual element.


The new marks were created by design firm The Brandit, the North Carolina
designers responsible for the Brewery’s aviation-themed labels, and the
process was overseen by the Brewery’s marketing department. By Black Friday,
November 29, merchandise will be available for sale in the Tasting Room and
on the Hangar 24 website bearing the new logo. These will include a 2L
stainless steel growler and a long sleeved shirt – two items that the
Brewery has never before offered.

At the event on November 12 a commemorative glass with both the new Brewery
logo and the 66ers logo will be offered for sale. Hangar 24 is a sponsor of
the team and has put on promotions and special nights with the team nearly
since the inception of the Brewery five years ago.

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery was founded in 2008 in Redlands, California and is
widely known for their flagship beer, Orange Wheat. Named after a specific
aircraft hangar at Redlands Municipal Airport, where Founder and Master
Brewer Ben Cook would hang out after an afternoon of flying to talk
aviation, play music and share a few cold ones that Ben just finished
brewing at home. The Brewery and Tasting Room were established and still
operate in a renovated hangar directly across the street. Hangar 24 embodies
a true passion for good beer, the absolute love of flying and the pure
enjoyment of being around great friends.

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