Hangar 24 Craft Brewery’s biggest barrel-aged beer release of the year has come to be known as “Pugafest”, taking its name from their massive bourbon barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout, Pugachev’s Cobra, which makes its annual return on that day. This year’s event falls on Saturday, December 6th and will feature the largest number of new packaged beers the brewery has ever launched at once- four bottle releases in a single day, including one which is exclusive to members of the brewery’s recently launched Barrel Roll Membership Club.

Hangar 24’s Tasting Room will be celebrating by putting ten different variations of Pugachev’s Cobra on tap, opening their archive for a vintage bottle sale, and welcoming two bands for a day of live music. Hours for the event and details on the four new releases are available on the brewery’s website posting about Pugafest, along with a list of details for the day’s bottle sale, draught offerings, and musical guests.

It’s also a banner year for the flagship beer of the day, Pugachev’s Cobra, which at 18.9% alc. by vol. is not just the highest ABV beer Hangar 24 has ever produced, but one of the highest ABV beers to be released in America this year. This will also be the largest bottling run the beer has ever seen, surpassing 10,000 bottles for the first time.

To ease the pain of waiting until December 6th to try this year’s releases, Hangar 24 is offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at the artistry, science, and time that goes into a beer like Pugachev’s Cobra with their brand-new Barrel Roll Program webpage.

With this new insider’s guide to barrel-aging Hangar 24 seeks to throw open the doors to their barrelhouse, and to bring interested craft beer fans deeper into the complicated processes and steps involved in crafting barrel-aged beer. The brewery’s Barrel Roll program has grown to house close to 300 barrels, including a newly expanded sour beer initiative which has its own dedicated section on the new page, promising a host of brand new sour releases throughout 2015. The new page also includes a tab on cellaring beer, for craft beer drinkers who wish to begin building a home cellar to experiment with aging beers in their own home.



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