20161006_143546In the spirit of fall, a craving for darker style beers is sometimes hard to resist. While perusing the beer menu at Half-Door Brewing Company, there was a collaboration with Monkey Paw Brewing listed that jumped right off the page.  It’s called “You Can’t Be Serious!”, a Schwarzbier coming in at 5.2%.

It appeared an opaque, dark brown with barely a tinge of dark red, and a half-inch head which transitioned from dark tan colored small bubbles on the bottom to a lighter colored tan foam on top. The carbonation seemed cola-like, with fast rising bubbles that dissipated fairly quickly.

There was an resinous, earthy coffee aroma present at first, with a lower intensity of prune and a licorice-type scent as it warmed up.

The complex flavors started as a dark chocolate and caramel coffee, pruny in the middle, with what seemed to be a vague smoky cigar like sides and finish, and a subtle after taste of spicy black licorice. The texture had a medium-full body, with a mouth-filling carbonation that dissipated quickly, and a medium-high astringency that warmed the back of the throat and lingered for a little while afterward. 

The overall impression is challenging to summarize, due to the evolving nature of the serving as it warmed up and dissipated during the course of several minutes. This alien can best describe it as somewhat like a dark-bittersweet chocolate cherry cordial, with a coffee-liquor filling spiced with a hint of black licorice that may have been soaked in a cigar leaf, and would taste great with grilled sausage, or roasted meat.

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