Guest Article: How to fill your bar with customers

How to fill your bar with customers?

You know you have a great offer in your bar, you know that your bartender is super friendly, but still, you don’t have enough customers. What can you do to improve your business and fill your bar with customers? You don’t have to do much but you need to wake up interest in the crowd. With these tips (and the reminder you have to keep up the good work) you will fill your bar with customers in a second.

Improve your interior

Today, the design of the interior is one of the main elements to bring the crowd inside. If you have the best drinks in the world with the best prices it won’t mean much because people won’t enter. The outdated design is not something you can work with, especially if your customers are mostly young people. You can pick the design you like the most and update your interior. Industrial, shabby chic, French style, pick one and start renovating. Also, keep in mind the type of customer you want to impress during the renovation.

Live Music

Most bars are filled after work hours which means that people are looking for a place to blow some steam. That means that you have to compete with other bars in the area and the one with the best offer is the winner. Live music is a great way to invite people to come because it says; “I am offering you the best party in town” without throwing an actual party. The main problem with this topic is the band. Who is good enough and which band will keep the atmosphere up the entire night? That is something you have to test. You can invite every week one band to try working with them or you can ask around and see every band in action at some other place.

Host theme parties

If you are not a fan of live music or you think that you can’t find the band which will give you what you need you can always choose to host parties. A great thing with the parties is that you don’t need much to make one. You can have a real theme like a Christmas party or Valentine’s Day party, or you can literally make your own party, for example, Friday party. If you choose a theme party, decorate the place in wanted theme and make sure that every employee is in a costume. You can also throw in happy hour or a free drink for customers who come in a costume. This is where you can let your creativity off the leash.

Use game tables

Game tables are a great solution to keep your customers entertained during the day. If you have enough room put one pool table and one foosball table in the bar and see which one is more popular. After a while, you can remove the less popular one and add the same game table or add tables and chairs. Game tables are great because they will entertain your customers and when they are entertained, they don’t want to leave, which means they will become a regular soon.


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