Group Y Presents a Night with Saint Archer’s Josh Landon

DSC_0836Live actions sports, ambassadors, and beers. These are the three things John Landon founded Saint Archer’s Brewing Co. on. In an event presented by Group Y, a marketing collective, Landon discussed Saint Archer’s branding and how the brewery came to be. It was also a chance for Landon to personally set the reputation straight on Saint Archer’s acquisition by Miller Coors.

DSC_0774The nature of the Group Y event brought a different beer crowd. There was a lack of beer guts and beer beards. Instead, there was abundance of formal attires and well-kept features. For many, this was a chance to network with others in the marketing and/or beer industry. Regardless, there was no stopping the flow of White Ale and IPAs from the tasting room or the gourmet food bites by Chef Lan Thai of Drunken Master Chef.  


DSC_0788After a while of mingling amongst the humans, the aliens were able to get a private tour of the facilities and were able to see where Saint Archer brews their beer. While on the tour the aliens learned about new exclusives that Saint Archer is planning to release within the next several months. Saint Archer’s also  showcased their facilities and their plan for the introduction of a new barrel-aged beer line which they plan to start selling early 2016. The tour also showcased the development of a new hard cider line which will be San Diego’s first craft-cider brewery. Kim Lutz, the head brewer at Saint Archer’s, was walking through the facilities with a group of friends when she saw the tour group by the cider production area. Lutz made a quick mention of how she used her wine-making background to give her different approach to cider-making. The tour revolved around the idea that Saint Archer’s is a growing and expanding company, but still houses a modest team of employees and a modest production output for the demand they receive. They let it be known that Saint Archer’s has no plans to expand outside of California until they feel as if they have a firm grip on distributing across the state.

DSC_0801This was a plan echoed by Landon during the main event of the night. Introduced by Group Y and a well-produced introduction video, Landon situated himself in front of everybody for an interview style discussion with Group Y. During the introduction video Landon said, “It’s real when you build something from nothing and that’s exactly what we did.” Soon, all the networking chatter simmered down to catch a bit of advice from Landon. After all, that is what most of these people bought tickets for. The talk even drew a group who traveled a couple of hours to San Diego from Orange County. Despite the worn look Landon carried, he spoke with both a proud and surprised tone of voice. He discussed the impulsive origins of Saint Archer’s. Landon is clearly not a person with a “beer snob” background. He admitted that his favorite beers growing up were Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Coors Banquet, and Pacifico. He created the brewery out of an idea and he wanted to see how far he could get with that idea. In many ways, he knew what he was doing because he did not know what he was doing. Landon found the right crew and investors along the way and everything clicked.

DSC_0857Despite Landon’s charming and modest nature, there was no way Landon would avoid questions about the Miller Acquisition. Attendees took advantage of the Q&A section of the discussion to handle this matter. In response, Landon carefully navigated through his responses. He made sure to highlight how he was still in charge of the company and none of his employees were going anywhere. He also made sure to point out that Miller was not asking Saint Archer’s to change or re-produce any of their recipes and agreed to allow them to maintain majority ownership in the company. The only change that Landon admitted to was that he now had access to gear and resources he did not before that would allow them to meet the growing demand. After a Q&A with the audience, Josh was able to stick around and meet with the aliens to provide some feedback on the future that lies ahead for Saint Archer Brewing. Though we will have to keep a close eye on what type of an impact their recent acquisition will hold for their growing consumer base, it does not seem like Miller Coors will change the whole process Saint Archer has when it comes to brewing. If anything the added money will help Josh and the rest of the company grow comfortably in order to be able to reach their goal of being able to distribute in the whole state of California.


DSC_0737There is something to say about the nature of the event. People did not gather at this event to trade recipes or beer ideas. Instead, people gathered here to talk about branding. There is no denying the strong branding of other breweries, but there is something different about how Saint Archer’s has branded itself. Saint Archer’s makes quality beers like many others, but not every brewery grows as rapidly over two years and has bigger companies knocking on their doors. By the entrance of the tasting room, was a merchandise stand displaying all sorts of Saint Archer’s clothing and goodies. When people made their way out, there seemed to be a great amount of those who made sure to snag a hat or shirt. Maybe that has something to do with it. We are glad to have gotten to attend this awesome event and we are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for Saint Archer’s.

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