Grail Point Brewery, a DC metro area craft brewery, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its Kickstarter campaign.  The campaign is the next step in a quest by the three founders – Keith Wickstrom, Jeff Kusterbeck, and Tyler Oyler – to share their divinely inspired brews with the thriving beer-loving community. 

“We have been on a quest for the holy grail of beers and I’m excited to say that our team has found it. On our next stage of this journey we are asking everyone to help us reach the next goal of getting our beer to shelves,” said Tyler Oyler, Chief Executive Officer of Grail Point.

Grail Point’s collection of brews offer distinct takes on American and Belgian style ales, developed with care and strict attention to detail by Brew Master and Co-Founder Keith Wickstrom, who has unlocked the secret to everlasting taste through constant experimentation and study of the art of fermentation. “Great beer comes from great ingredients. I believe in never compromising because somethings cheaper. At Grail Point we will never sacrifice your beer for our profits,” said Wickstrom.

 “Even after years of enjoying and seeking out the best that the craft beer renaissance has to offer, I’m still totally floored by the kind of unique and delicious flavors Keith manages to create on a regular basis,” said Grail Point Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Kusterbeck.

The brewers have launched their project seeking community support to begin work on their initial production batches, brewed in cooperation with Beltway Brewing Company, at their state of the art facility in Sterling VA. Once the team successfully raises the goal of $25,000, Grail Point will be able to begin production and distribution of its four core beers by the end of 2016, including their Penitent Pale Ale, Antioch Amber, Priory de Saison, and Bearded Brethren Imperial Stout.

Grail Point Brewery has big plans for the future, including the build out of its own permanent brew house, a slate of delightful seasonal and specialty releases, collaboration brews with the incredible line up of local breweries, and a chance to sneak exceptionally silly puns onto their labels.

For more information, visit:
Grail Point Kickstarter page

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