Gordon Biersch Winterbock Beer Review
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The humans at Gordon Biersch sent us some of their Winterbock for us to analyze. We are always excited to try beers from Gordon Biersch and this one did not disappoint. Winterbock pours a deep, dark brown color and the aroma of toffee and molasses is very strong. But neither of those are very important points on their own. The important factor is the taste…


Wow, the toffee/caramel flavor is smooth and as you sip more, it becomes more creamy like a high quality English toffee candy. Malt flavors and the dark fruit flavors of  raisins and fig rise through as your taste buds wake up more. A subtle amount of spice stays on the tongue in between sips which brings all the flavors together nicely.


Gordon Biersch Winterbock is very enjoyable, drinkable beer and is so smooth, that it does not require waiting for that white stuff that falls out of the sky. That being said, if there is snow falling out of the sky, Winterbock does make a good choice for enjoying while watching. For us Beer Aliens, we are currently stationed in San Diego, CA so once the temperature drops a bit more, we can enjoy some Winterbock while the sun is out and then head up the mountains to create snow aliens and enjoy some more.



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