A well-balanced Pilsner is a great fit for a refreshing, sport watching Monday night, and a richer more meaningful traditional Pilsner such as the Czech Pilsner from Gordon Biersch, at 5.2% fits the bill at dinner time.

Appearance: Deep golden color, clear with white consistent head comprised of small dispersed rising bubbles that dissipated fairly quickly in this serving.

Taste: Medium bready, medium-high bitter, brief hint of a light vanilla biscotti aftertaste that disappeared quickly.

Smell: Spicy onion-garlic and mustard, bread dough, herbal, and also got a brief white raisin at the finish.

Mouthfeel: Medium-light dry body, medium carbonation, medium astringency, medium clean finish low alcohol warmth.

Refreshing and bright, well balanced flavors through duration of the serving, this beer was palate cleansing and super easy to drink. It would be a great staple to have in the fridge at any time.  This alien would enjoy it with a spicy Thai or Mexican chicken dish with Jasmine or Basmati rice as a side.

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