Gordon Biersch Co-Founder Launches Cider Brand… Wildcide

WildcideAurum Cider Co., the newest venture from Gordon Biersch co-founder Dan Gordon, today announced the brand’s first commercially available product, WILDCIDE, a 6.2% ABV branch-to-bottle cider with one ingredient – apples. 

WILDCIDE is a dry cider with a light, golden color; a tribute to the Aurum brand name, which is the Latin word for “gold.” WILDCIDE’s bright apple aroma is produced by the fresh pressed juice of four kinds of apples:

  • Fuji – Aroma and sweetness
  • Granny Smith – Tartness, natural acidity
  • Red Delicious – Body
  • Golden Delicious – Aroma, natural sweetness

The not-from-concentrate juice is flash-pasteurized, meaning there’s no need to add sulfites to the product. It’s also gluten-free, making it an attractive option for drinkers with dietary restrictions.

Said Dan Gordon, founder of Aurum Cider Co and co-founder of Gordon Biersch Brewing Co, “WILDCIDE was created with the same adherence to purity I apply towards beer.  I questioned why the most popular ciders on the market had a long list of ingredients including undesirable chemicals. We were inspired by how attracted bears and elk were to    naturally fermented apples in the wild and came up with the concept of WILDCIDE.  I just assumed if a bear would go crazy over an incredible pure cider, humans would too.”

Hot commodity:

Cider’s growth in the US market has mirrored that of craft beer. The Beer Institute reported that US cider production tripled – 9.4 million gallons to 32 million gallons – between 2011 and 2013. Nielsen reported that off-premise cider sales grew by 71% in 2014.

WILDCIDE’s dry, tart qualities make it perfect for pairing with food. From hearty grilled cheese sandwiches to pork belly, brisket, burgers and more, WILDCIDE stands strong and matches the flavor bite for bite, sip by sip.

WILDCIDE will be available beginning in September in bottles at off-premise locations where Gordon Biersch products are sold (6 pk. 12 oz. bottles, SRP: $9.99; 22 oz. bottles, SRP: $4.99). 

About Aurum Cider Co

Dan Gordon founded Aurum Cider Co in 2015 with the goal of presenting a cider product that reflected the commitment to purity that’s been at the heart of everything he’s done since co-founding Gordon Biersch in 1988. WILDCIDE, the company’s first offering is a dry cider made from 100% apples and nothing more.


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