Goose Island ‘Bourbon County Stout’ Black Friday Release Event

When: Friday, Nov 29th at 11 AM, first come, first served. Limited quantities.

Where: Churchill’s Pub & Grille, 887 West San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 92069 –


Event Facebook Page:

“Our Bourbon County Brand Stout has been in high-demand since we first brewed it in 1992. At last year’s Black Friday release event in Chicago, the beer sold out in just a few hours,” said Brett Porter, Brewmaster at Goose Island Beer Company. “We’re thrilled about this year’s release because we’re now able to bring one of our most coveted beers to more people than ever before. We hope beer drinkers all over the country are as excited for Black Friday as we are.”


Beers Available:

On Draft:

Bourbon County Stout 2013

Bourbon County Barleywine  15% (first time release, massive Barleywine aged in Bourbon County Stout Bourbon barrels)


Bottle Pours:

Bourbon County Coffee Stout  (Bourbon County Stout with Fazenda Brazilian Coffee aged in Bourbon barrels)

Bourbon County Stout Backyard Rye Barrel  15% (rare Bourbon County Stout aged in Templeton Rye whiskey barrels w/ mulberries, boysenberries, & marion berries)

Other Goose Island specialties on Draft:

Sofie Paradisi  6.7% (Wild Saison w/ orange peel aged in wine barrels with Belgian wild yeast grapefruit rind & juice)

The Illinois  8.4% (Double IPA dry-hopped w/ Meridian & Citra hops)

Matilda Lambicus  7% (Sour version of Matilda Belgian Golden Ale fermented & aged w/ Brettanomyces Lambicus yeast)


More about Goose Island:

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