Goose Island Migration Week lands in San Diego 4/19-4/22

Goose Island Migration Week lands in San Diego 4/19-4/22

Goose Island Migration Week lands in San Diego 4/19-4/22

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Goose Island Brewing Company is bringing its world famous Migration Week to San Diego next week and they’ve invited you humans to the kickoff event! The event will feature a wide variety of Goose Island beers, food from local food trucks, and a back and forth game of SKATE as Chicago’s best skaters take on a couple of west coast skaters from 7-10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19, at the Quartyard (1101 G Street).

They’ll have a DJ spinning and Chicago artist Brain Killer painting a mural on a wall of skateboard decks. Of course, there will be plenty of Goose Island swag and the chance to sample some unique Goose Island beers.

Additionally, they have several other events taking place throughout the week they’d love for you to join – see below for the full list of events. Chances of spotting an alien or two at a few of these events are high, as you humans know wherever the beer goes, we go. With Goose Island migrating into town, an invasion is guaranteed.

Migration Week Events

Tuesday, April 19

  • Event: Kick Flippin Kick-off Event
    • Time: 7-10 PM
    • Location: Quartyard 1101 G Street, San Diego, CA
    • Description: We’re kicking off San Diego Migration Week with a kick flip! Come watch a couple of Chicago’s best skaters take on a couple of west coast skaters in a back and forth game of SKATE. The DJ will be working the decks, Chicago artist, Brain Killer, will be painting a mural on a wall of skateboard decks all while you take down some cold Goose Island beers and munch on some local food truck bites. Bring your friends, make some new ones! RSVP HERE
  • Event: Bourbon County Flash Flock
    • Time: 10 PM
    • Location: Gaslamp Union Kitchen & Tap 333 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA
    • Description: The best to wind down from a kick-ass kickoff party is with a big glass of Bourbon County Stout. Join the Migration Week at union Kitchen & Tap for a tasty night cap.

Wednesday, April 20

  • Event: Meet the Brewer: A Beer Sampling
    • Time: 5-6 PM
    • Location: Country Wine & Spirits 10601 Tierrasanta BLVD, San Diego, CA
    • Description: Goose Island is as passionate about beer as you are and we want to share that passion with you. Stop by to sample some of our beers and geek out with one of the brewers that make the very beer in your hand. Here’s your chance to get your hands on some rare Goose Island beers!
  • Event: Bourbon County Flash Flock

    • Time: 10 PM
    • Location: Barrel Republic 1261 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA
    • Description: We only bring out the rare beasts for our Bourbon County Flash Flocks. Come see what we’re pouring and hang out with the Goose Island beer nerds from the brewery in Chicago.

Thursday, April 21

  • Event: Black Friday Bar Crawl
    • Time: 5 PM
    • Location: Common Theory, Soho Gastro Pub, Shanghai Saloon, O’Brien’s Pub
    • Description: We wish every Friday was goose Island Black Friday and for one Thursday night in San Diego on Convoy Street, it is! We raided our secret Bourbon County Stout stash and brought our favorite barrel aged beers for this special night. The Goose Island crew will be geeking out just as much as you over these spectacular brews. We start off at Common Theory, head over to Soho Gastro Pub, swing by Shanghai Saloon and end off at O’Brien’s Pub. Let’s do this!

Friday, April 22

  • Event: Beer Deconstruction
    • Time: 5-7 PM
    • Location: The Tap Room 1269 Garnett Avenue, San Diego, CA
    • Description: Come listen to the experts walk you through the mystery of our iconic, funky Belgian beer, Matilda. Caroline, resident lab genius, will walk attendees through all aspects of our brewing process. Taste rare vintage, Matilda alongside new batches.
  • Event: Bourbon County Flash Flock
    • Time: 10 PM
    • Location: OB Noodle House #2 4993 Niagara Ave, San Diego, CA
    • Description: Come by to send off the Migration Week team in Bourbon County Stout fashion. This is the team’s last night in Sand Diego; show them what they’ll be missing while drinking some rare beers.

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