BeerAlien interviewed Mark Hegedus, senior director of marketing at Goose Island Beer Co. to find out more about the 2013 release of Bourbon County stout (BCS).


1. Aside from the obvious reason of Black Friday, is there any other reason this specific day was chosen for the release?

This is one of the most anticipated beer releases Goose Island has – why not celebrate the release on a day where other highly anticipated gifts and electronics become available to the public? 

This year is Goose Island is sponsoring Bourbon County Brand releases in Austin, Chicago, San Francisco and New York, but consumers can expect other retailers across the U.S. (like DC, Philadelphia, New Orleans, St. Louis, etc.) to have their Bourbon County supply by Black Friday as well.

Editor’s Note: See below for a North County San Diego event that Beer Alien will be attending.


2. How many barrels were released this year for Bourbon County stout (BCS)?

We were fortunate this past year because we were able to secure around 2,500 bourbon barrels, which is almost twice as much as we’ve had in years past.

3. Can you give our readers a sense of how big this release is for Goose Island family of beers?

Last year more than 400 people lined up in Chicago on Black Friday for a chance to purchase one or some of the Bourbon County Brand family – we think these beers speak for themselves.


4. How many states were fortunate to receive shipments of this beer?

It is as a limited national release. 


5. Why were the 4 types released this year? Was there a specific reason?

Every year Goose Island attempts several styles of Bourbon County – the passion our brewers have for innovative brewing flavors is amazing.

 The other reason we went for four is because we could! We had more access to barrels and space, which was made possible due to our relationship with A-B (Anheuser Busch). 

6. What would you pair with this beer? (if one were human and ate food)

Bourbon County Brand Stout and Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout go well with flourless chocolate cake.


So there you have it dear humans, a behind the scenes look at the 2013 Bourbon County stout release. Be sure to join us tomorrow, Black Friday (Nov 29th) at Churchill’s Pub & Grille in San Marcos, CA as we take samplings of the 2013 Bourbon County stout. An abduction of two may also occur so we can analyze human reactions to the 2013 Bourbon County stout release.



For details on the Black Friday event, click here.

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