Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown Ale

Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown Ale

Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown Ale


In order to wet my whistle, I’ve trekked to the farthest galaxies and closest quarks, around the bend to Andromeda, took a dip in a nebula or two, and even stopped by Cygnus X-1 for some RUSH-style LOLs. But in all my travels, Los Angeles used to be the weirdest spot to find good beer. But the times have changed, and no longer is Angel Shitty City Brewing Company the only beer game in in La-La Land. I like what Eagle Rock is doing, for example. But even more so, the biggest (and perhaps best) brewery in LA county could very well be the Golden Road Brewery.

[Disclaimer: I am friends with one of the junior brewers at Golden Road]

This weekend I was able to score a mega-fresh half-growler (growlerito? purrler?) of their Brown Ale. Now, all the rage in this corner of the Milky Way is IPAs. Black IPAs, White IPAs, Session IPAs, Imperial IPAs, IPA-style IPAs, et al. So styles like Brown Ale doesn’t get much love. Shame, since when done well, they can be a thing of beauty.

This is a Brown Ale done very well, indeed.

5.5%ABV, and not too heavy, so this is perfectly fine for a pint or three. Wanna bet that this would kick much ass if it were cask-conditioned and poured off a classically old-school English beer engine? Yes, you betcha it would. But just off the tap this works mightily fine, as well.

This also does not fall into the same ol’ trap that befalls so many other American brewers with this sort of beer. It is not over-hopped. Only 20 IBUs (by way of some old school hops, i.e. Galena and Northern Brewer), so this lets the malty goodness take the helm and guide this ship to the planet of Good Stuff, indeed.

A very nice addition to the line-up of an outfit that I was initially not all that wow’ed by. But having had several different beers from them that were have been right on the money, and after visiting their very impressive pub nee tasting room, maybe it’s true that LA is truly no longer the beer desert sandwiched between San Diego and the Central Coast. A good thing for all, mankind and BeerAliens alike! Cheers,

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