So I had heard about these for some time and finally picked up a pair of them from Bed Bath & Beyond for about $19 for the two.  As a guy who likes to hang out in the /r/beerporn section of Reddit, I kept seeing people post photos of their amazing beers in this weird, giant butt-plug looking glass.  So, being an alien who likes to try unique beers as well as glassware, I had to try it.  The IPA Glass is a collaboration between Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Spiegelau.  Many of us  know Dogfish and Sierra Nevada, but may not be familiar with Spiegeau.  They are a high end glass German glass company that has been around since 1521.

The glass feels very thin but sturdy.  It has a wide stem with ridges that are easy to grip.  The IPA glass will hold 19 ounces, but I recommend just filling it 12 ounces at a time.  That way you get some nice space to build up some aroma vapor. It’s really no problem to keep topping off my glass.  The bottom of my glasses do not have a laser etching, but it looks like there is a laser etching if you buy one branded by Dogfish or Sierra Nevada.

It’s I rinsed off the glass, put it on my kitchen counter and tipped it over, and it did not break!  I then grabbed an IPA.  It was a 22oz bottle from Bear Republic called Apex IPA.  I first tipped the glass at a 45 degree angle, then tipped it vertically for the last few inches, to give it some head.  I tilted the glass up to my nose and experienced an explosion of hop aroma!  This thing really does what it says!  In all honesty, I think it accomplishes the same thing as a tulip glass, but this one happens to hold more beer.  The point is, you want the aromas to come together around your nose, and as with a tulip, this accomplishes just that.

If you are the type that always feels the need to have the appropriate glassware for the given beer, then by all means, get an IPA glass.  I admit to having quite a variety of beer glasses and could not resist getting the IPA glass.

ipa glass

Kind of a shaky gif but you can see the bubbles rising from the bottom.


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