The girl scouts rolled their cookie filled wagons into Thorn Street brewing for a fun filled union of cold brews and soft chews this past Tuesday February 2nd, 2016. Yes, it’s that time of year again when the boxes are storming the shopping malls, grocery stores, and are now making their way into the breweries. Cookies and beer? How could people not rush over immediately?  Well, they did.  It was no shocker when the brewery opened up their second floor tasting room due to an overwhelming turn out. The special event flight included six beers and six cookies as follows:

Hipster’s Wit (5.2%) w/ Trefoils

Hipster’s Wit (5.2%) w/ Trefoils

  • Hipster’s Wit (5.2%) w/ Trefoils Review: The light breadiness of the cookie calms the subtle spice of the wit making it an instant “go-to” snack for any occasion. Also paired well with Savannah Smiles!
  • Double-Oh-Seven English Pale (5.2%) w/ Do-Si-Dos Review: Peanut butter flavors from the cookie blend with the malt grain flavor of the pale transforming the taste into a peanut butter sandwich!
  • Smuggler’s Cove Agave Amber Ale (5.6%) – Tagalongs Review: Chocolate goodness from cookie and residual sweetness from the agave calm the bitterness down from this hoppier beer.
  • Tropic Daze IPA (6.6%) w/ Savannah Smiles Review: Citra hopped beer + lemon citrus cookie = citrus explosion on your taste buds. If you’re a fan of these flavors try them right away. We actually liked this beer with the Trefoils better!
  • Santos Coffee Stout (6.1%) w/ Thin Mints Review: Coffee roast stout flavor mixes with the chocolate cookie turning it into cookies and coffee! The mint flavor mellows out in the background.
  • Santos Coffee Stout (6.1%) w/ Samoas Review: Samoa caramel sweetness pairs extremely well with the coffee, like a coffee creamer winter special.
  • Castaway Coconut Porter (8.3%) w/ Samoas Review: Coconut + Coconut = Secret coconut surprise. Coconut flavors battle it out in the beginning allowing the coffee taste to start the ride. The flavors ultimately team together at the end with a huge wave of creamy refreshing coconut.
  • Castaway Coconut Porter (8.3%) w/ Thin Mints Review: Mint, caramel, and coffee. Caramel and coffee flavors dominate leaving the thin mint fading in the background for a cool ending.

Our favorites ending up being the Hipster’s Wit w/ Trefoils and Santos Coffee Stout w/ both cookies! You can start your day with the Wit and Trefoils then end your day with the stout and chocolate as a midnight snack. On our way out we saw the girl scouts tucked into a corner of the brewery selling patrons cookies to take home. Although this tasting event has already passed…yours is about to begin. Grab a box or two from your local girl scout, then grab some beers from your local brewery/bottle shop and have your own pairing at home! If you only grab one box of cookies the Trefoils will pair with the most beers! Let us know in the comments below what your favorite “at home” pairing is, and don’t forget to visit Thorn Street Brewing on your next brewery adventure.

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