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Manzanita Brewing Co. – Gillespie Brown Ale

ABV | 8.3%
IBU | 50

When poured it is a dark brown almost black color with a light tan head that lasts throughout.

Aroma: At first whiff the caramel notes are very bold and dominate the aroma. The caramel is followed by a malty sweetness and a light chocolate scent. There is a scent of hopsIMG_4946 that comes through and it is well balanced when combined with the dark malt.

Mouthfeel: This beer has a medium-full body with a moderate carbonation. This version has some alcohol warmth with the finish.

Flavor: Caramel are bold when they hit the palette and they are fold by a medium malty flavor that does well to balance with the other notes. The slight finish provides an aftertaste that has a slight chocolate, malt and hop notes.

Overall: If you like bold caramel tastes with your beer then the Gillespie Brown Ale is for you. This beer is bold, maltier,a bit more hoppy and it is what separates the American Brown Ale from the traditional Northern English Brown Ale. Don’t forget to go try out this beer and come back to rate it.

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