bang_on_2-5I’ve been absent from this particular online realm for a while — the adult responsibilities of a BeerAlien life more than trump ideal yammering about adult fermented beverages (sadly enough!). How do you humans keep up at such a pace? Oh, that’s right: there’s beer to be had at the end of the day. Why, don’t mind if I do!

I’ve had a few other beers from Gigantic Brewing Company, and I have never been disappointed. This “Pale Ale if you’re American / Bitter if you are English” 5.6%ABV beer is right up my alley. Shame that it’s only an one-off/Seasonal — I could drink this all year long and through all of the season (yes, even all seven seasons on the Jovian moon of Ganymede!).

This hybrid Yank/Brit beer hits on all interstellar cylinders for me: flavorful without being “eXtreme”, filling without being heavy, hoppy without being too bitter, aromatic without being overbearing, warming without being “hot” (alcohol-wise). This would go down nice and easy cask-conditioned via hand-pump, of that I am sure. Though, now that I think of it, I’m not sure how well cask-conditioned beers go off at this beer’s home turf of Portland OR (or Ganymede, for that matter).

Another winner from Gigantic Brewing. A plethora of interesting styles, interesting and always different labels from multiple artists — and (most importantly) in this case presenting a sessionable quaffer that won’t later give you an acute case of analysis paralysis!


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