Garage Brewing Co. Tow Truck Belgian Tripel Review
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Garage Brewing Co. is based out of Temecula, California and was originally an old style repair garage, where it promptly got its name. Since garages were no longer needed as frequently as they used to be, it was turned into a brewery and pizzeria. They have continued to impress us aliens with their beers and we hope they keep pumping out the delicious brews. The Tow Truck Belgian Tripel is no exception!

IMG_3628ABV: 9.1%, IBU: 16

Appearance: A medium golden color, mostly clear. Poured with minimal head that dissipated quickly.

Aroma: This beer has a mild to medium hops aroma to it, but a strong yet tangy and floral sweetness. There is also a noticeable moderate spiciness. 

Taste: Has a punch of fruit flavors such as apple, pear and even peaches that are not overwhelming but refreshing. This beer has a light maltiness that lingers on your palette.  

Mouthfeel: There is a medium level of carbonation that is crisp and tickles your tastebuds. The fruitiness adds to the crispness that quenches your thirst.

Overall: This beer is so delicious that its 9.1% ABV will certainly catch up to you! It quenches your thirst in a jiffy, but leaves you wanting more of the soft, crisp fruitiness it delivers. Although we would gladly drink this beer at any and all times of the day, it is best for anyone looking to cool down on a hot day or best paired with a basil pesto flatbread pizza or even a fancy cheese platter.  

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