Funky Buddha – Hop Simulator DIPA

Funky Buddha – Hop Simulator DIPA

Funky Buddha – Hop Simulator DIPA


Prepare yourselves, humans, this is not like any IPA you’ve had before. This Double IPA is fresh out of Florida’s Funky Buddha Brewery, released this April, and its got such MEGA doses of hops added to it that drinking one of these brews is, in their words, “downright TRANSFORMATIVE”. Now we don’t know about you, but being aliens and all, that definitely caught our attention. So much so, that we got these bottles sent direct from the brewery itself in Oakland Park, FL. Now that’s a long way to travel for a little beer. But then again, this is no small beer. This MONSTROUS brew is packed with so much flavor it was nearly enough to transform us in to really sexy humans… perhaps if we got our hands on a 22oz bottle it would have. Anyway, we’ve digressed. Our point is you humans in Florida are a lucky few who get to enjoy this beer now year round! We are so envious, in fact, we might just fuel up the space shuttle and come visit you to sip on more of this sweet brew.

IMG_8159Hop Simulator Double IPA

ABV: 9.5%

Appearance: This beer pours a deep amber color with a nice bright-white head which, give it a few minutes, dissipates leaving just a rim of frothy goodness around the edges of the glass. Large and small bubbles unite to give you a little varying mouthfeel.

Aroma: Surprisingly the smell of this beer does not attack your senses. Rather, it gives off a subtle citrusy hop aroma, with notes of pine and a recognizable malty sweetness. 

Taste: The Hop Simulator eases you in, starting off with a rush of juicy sweetness. Ripe fruits, tangerines, and some underlying bready sweetness from the malts come to mind. Then it finishes with a resinous bitterness which is drier and more hop-forward. We think that the two different flavor profiles in this beer, going from sweet to utterly hoptastic, are what make this beer so transformative in its nature. We love the contrasting flavor profiles as much as we love humans and aliens alike!

Mouthfeel: Now finally, the mouthfeel. At first this beer coats the mouth with some caramel malty flavors, but later it dries out your mouth with the more bitter notes like grapefruit and pine from the hops. Overall, we think this is a medium bodied beer, although it does transform from a full to light bodied beer in the matter of seconds. Try it for yourself, you’ll see what we mean!

We’re sad we didn’t ask for more samples of this beer, considering you can’t get it at our home base in San Diego. But we look forward to the next beer that Funky Buddha cooks up, and we encourage you humans to get your hands on a bottle of this some way, somehow. Now that it’s a year round beer we trust you’ll find a way.

The Hop Simulator DIPA is now available in bottles and on draft at their brewery.

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