Four Peaks Brewing Company has announced Lefty’s Lager will return for a special appearance this summer.  The seasonal beer is paler in color than its most robust cousin, the Märzen.

Lefty’s Lager tends to be less sweet with a more assertive hop character and a light, toasty, more delicate malt background.  That’s not to say Lefty’s Lager is a hoppy beer.  It’s not. It’s a balanced beer.

Lefty’s Lager is slightly less alcoholic than a typical Märzen coming it at around 5.5% alcohol/volume.

Seasonal beers are like old friends who drop in from time to time.  You’re always glad when they come around, but unfortunately, you can’t have them around all of the time.  It makes the regular beer lineup a little jealous.

Look for Lefty’s Lager to be in bars, restaurants and stores that sell Four Peaks beer starting June 12, 2015.

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