Founded in 1750, Limavady Irish Whiskey distributes to the US

Limavady Irish Whiskey, one of Ireland’s oldest whiskeys dating back to 1750, is finally back on the whiskey map as it makes its debut across the United States this week in California, Colorado, Washington, Arizona and Florida. After announcing that Limavady would make an extraordinary comeback earlier this summer, whiskey fans around the world have been anxiously awaiting its official return. Following the launch, (as of Aug 13, 2021, the site is not yet operational) will be updated with a map of bars, restaurants and retailers where fans can find the groundbreaking Single Barrel Irish Whiskey.

Limavady whiskey returns under the banner of the leaping dog, inspired by the Gaelic origins of Limavady – Leim an Mhadaidh, meaning “Leap of the Dog.” The distillery and its eponymous hometown of Limavady in Northern Ireland were named for a fabled leap across the River Roe by a great Irish wolfhound to warn his clan of enemy ambush. A universally beloved icon of bravery and goodwill, Limavady and its canine hero aims to capture the hearts, minds and palates of a new generation of craft whiskey enthusiasts.

Darryl McNally, Whiskey Master and descendant of the Limavady Distillery’s 18th century operators, is at the helm of the brand, with his own underdog story to tell. The McNally family stayed in Limavady after the original distillery closed in the 1900s, and Darryl has lived on a farm in the area his entire life, mastering his craft and building up to this moment.

“Making whiskey has never just been a job, it’s my passion. When I started researching the history of the Limavady distillery and traced my family roots back to realize that we were a part of it, that was it, I knew there was only one way forward,” says Darryl McNally, Master Distiller, Limavady Irish Whiskey. “Today is the day I can officially share Limavady Single Barrel Irish Whiskey with the world. This brand is my masterpiece, the one that I have dreamed of making my entire life.”

Limavady is made of 100% Irish barley and is small batch, triple distilled in a copper pot still. The single malt whiskey is aged in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in PX sherry cask before bottling each cask individually, at 46% ABV. The sherry casks deliver warm, inviting dried fruit and spice notes, adding richness to a toasted vanilla base, for a drinking experience that’s well-rounded and genuinely delicious.

Last month, leading independent craft player WhistlePig announced that it has teamed up with Limavady to take on the Irish whiskey giants alongside McNally. WhistlePig will manage bottling and distribution of the whiskey under McNally’s direction, helping Limavady establish the Single Barrel Irish category, much the same way that WhistlePig has done with aged and experimental Rye. McNally will directly manage the production and innovation and will bring the Limavady story and spirit to life.

In the United States, Limavady is distributed through WhistlePig’s existing distribution partners, including Republic National Distributing Company and BreakThru Beverage with an SRP of $49.99 per 700ml bottle. Limavady will be available in the United Kingdom and Ireland before the end of the year.

[ Editor’s Note: WhistlePig currently owns Limavady. In 1915, the original Limavady distillery closed. This new Lilmavady is a relaunch of the brand by an descendent of the original owners. ]