Beer drinkers can finally rejoice, knowing there is now a unique product that will help reduce or eliminate all the unpleasant digestive effects from drinking beer. Beer drinkers need only take Beer AID before drinking beer and not worry about the gas, bloating and other negative intestinal effects that typically plague them, their friends and their loved ones.

Everyone who loves, or even likes, to drink beer, knows the havoc it can wreak on the drinker’s gastrointestinal (GI) system. From gas and bloating, to stomach upset and even worse, beer can leave many lovers of the beverage suffering. In short, for many, beer can be less enjoyable after its drinking, than during.

Unlike products currently available, like those meant to alleviate GI distress from beans and dairy, this new product claims to relieve these symptoms for the millions who suffer after drinking beer – especially today’s big, craft beers.

It’s not this claim that makes Beer AID® so unusual. It’s that nobody’s ever previously thought to create this type of product, making it unique to the digestive supplement market.

The concept behind this product is quite simple, according to Matt Simpson, owner of The Beer Sommelier®, a craft beer consultancy and creator of Beer AID®: “While I’m not at liberty to disclose the exact formulation, Beer AID® relies on an enzyme composition that breaks down the complex sugars in beer, making them much more digestible.”

He adds, “By introducing this supplement into the GI tract when drinking beer (i.e., taking some as you drink), you can effectively reduce all those painful and malodorous side effects.”

“So many people have symptoms from lactose intolerance and take enzyme supplements to mitigate their suffering,” says Walter Smith, M.D., an Atlanta doctor. “Beer drinkers often experience the same symptoms from drinking beer, but never realize it’s a preventable condition,” he adds.

“It was really a no-brainer,” says Simpson. “I’d have thought somebody’s significant other would have seen the necessity, long before most unattached people would,” he said, adding “but I suppose they all simply go on, suffering.”

Apparently those who have sampled the product previously, communicate favorable results. “I beg Matt for a bunch of his ‘secret capsules,’ every time we meet at national beer gatherings, or when I travel to his hometown,” says Beau Shine, craft beer aficionado from Cincinnati. “I’m all the happier for it the next day, too. Every time,” he added.

Beer AID® is currently available at as well as the Amazon marketplace.

Editor’s Note: The Beer Aliens do not need this product due to our advanced DNA. However, in our travels, we have encountered some humans who described these symptoms, so we are glad that this product is now available. Perhaps there some was alien technology used to create this interesting product.

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