Firestone Walker Unveils Mind Haze Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack

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Venture into a world of evocative flavors and hop-forward creativity with Firestone Walker’s newly introduced “Mind Haze Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack.” Renowned for their iconic Mind Haze series, the 2023 edition unfolds a tantalizing tropical narrative for beer enthusiasts.

Coming from the innovative minds that introduced the legendary Mind Haze, the 2023 edition introduces beer lovers to an exhilarating tropical experience through its new entrant: the Mind Haze Tropic Rocket IPA.

Mind Haze Goes Tropical

As if the original Mind Haze wasn’t enticing enough, the beer artisans at Firestone Walker have now expanded the beloved Mind Haze IPA series into three intriguing spinoffs. From the vibrant Tropic Rocket to the beachy Tiki Smash and the zesty Citrus Cyclone, each of these new avatars showcases an exotic reimagination of the classic Mind Haze. Brewmaster Matt Brynildson sums up the spirit behind this endeavor, “The Mind Haze canvas lends itself perfectly to different hops, fresh flavors, and new ideas. Each beer builds upon the main Mind Haze recipe but also ventures into its own tropical-inspired territory.”

firestone walker mind haze tropical | Devils River Whiskey

A Glimpse into the Tropical Trio

  • Mind Haze “Tropic Rocket” IPA: This flavor-packed beer propels you into a world teeming with tropical hop notes. Dominated by the Southern Hemisphere passionfruit flavors driven by the Galaxy hop and complemented by a distinctive strawberry hint from the Strata hop, Tropic Rocket truly lives up to its evocative name.
  • Mind Haze “Tiki Smash” IPA: Imagine lounging by the beach, with a tiki torch in hand. Tiki Smash is that feeling bottled. With an enhanced dose of Azacca hops, this beer radiates a strong pineapple essence. But it’s the introduction of freshly toasted coconut, achieved through an intricate extraction system, that takes you straight to a balmy beachside evening.
  • Mind Haze “Citrus Cyclone” IPA: A whirlwind of citrusy goodness, this beer promises a heady rush of tangerine, orange, and everything citrus. The blend of California tangerines and the Mandarina hop gives this IPA its unique identity, ensuring a refreshing Mind Haze experience that’s impossible to forget.

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The Mind Haze Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack is available in a convenient 12-pack (12-ounce can) format, accessible across all Firestone Walker markets and at their individual locations. So whether you’re a longstanding Mind Haze aficionado or a newbie keen on tropical delights, this is a must-try mixed pack that promises an unforgettable flavor journey.

In a world full of beers, Firestone Walker once again asserts its innovative prowess, reminding us why they stand tall in the craft beer landscape. So go on, pop open a can, and let the tropical haze envelope you!