Due to current situations, Pure Project Brewing has found the time to finally offer their beer beyond the San Diego county lines. Below is the official press release form Pure Project Brewing. #SaveTheHumanBeer

“Hey there,

We hope this email finds you healthy and well during these times.

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you as well as share with you some of our latest updates.

First off, a special THANK YOU from our entire team of 30+ team members. Every beer you purchase from us helps support our team and brewery.  We are honored and humbled by your recent support!

Check out all the ways you can continue to get beer here:https://www.purebrewing.org/covid19/

As you probably know, the current pandemic has propelled forward our ability to supply Pure Project beer to places beyond San Diego. That’s been a silver lining, and we are humbled by the demand throughout California and Arizona specifically.

With that in mind, we are hoping to bring more beer to areas such as Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Phoenix.

We may not be doing something tomorrow, or next week, but we will most likely make moves into these different areas based on the level of response that we see to the below…

Do you live in Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, the Bay Area, Sacramento, or Phoenix?

Would you also like to be notified when there are Pure Project updates in your area?

The California Shipping Email Update List is also live here: https://www.purebrewing.org/california-shipping/ ;

Important:  We will likely base our next moves around the responses we get from each area, so if you have friends who like beer in any of these areas, please forward this email to them so they can sign up and put a vote in for their location!

How can you get beer right now?  

Check out all the ways you can continue to get beer during COVID19 here: https://www.purebrewing.org/covid19/ 

Thanks again to all of you, near and far, for your support of Pure Project.

Your support means everything to us, and we are so appreciative.

In good beer, clean hands and open hearts,


-The Pure Project Team

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