This story has been getting some attention lately due to the upcoming close of public commenting set to end on March 31, 2014.  We thought we would share some details with our readers.

Many breweries, small and large, form friendships with local farmers. These friendships typically center around the by-product of the beer a brewery produces: spent grain. A brewery extracts the sugars from grain through a process called mashing. The grains are then of no use to a brewery but can be a very beneficial supplement to livestock.

Many local farms pick up these spent grains multiple times a week at the brewery. And, by and far, no money exchanges hands. There are many reasons both sides are glad to enter into this arrangement, such as economically and environmentally. The FDA, however, wants to regulate these transactions.

What do you think? Should there be regulations in place? Note that comments close at the end of the month (March 31, 2014).

Read the full bill details here:

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