To celebrate the upcoming opening of Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen’s newest venue in New York City, the owners of Coper’s have teamed up with three of the state’s top breweries to collaborate on a limited edition IPA beer for the pub.

On Wednesday, December 3rd, the brewers from Peekskill Brewery, Barrier Brewing and Greenport Harbour Brewery congregated at Greenport’s new premises in Long Island to work on developing a recipe that creates a beer that has a hoppy flavour loved by the everyday craft beer aficionado, yet also a lightness on the mouth that will appeal to those who are not as accustomed to drinking high percentage beverages. The 7% IPA consists of centennial, Apollo and other hops.

The Greenport Harbor Brewery has recently just relocated from its old brewery (an old firestation)  to its new premises 8 miles up the road (an old car dealership). The owners are best friends John Liegy and Rich Vandenburgh, who decided around 8 years ago that it was time to stop paying for their beers and start making their own.

The brewing process was a fun experience for all, with brewer Joe talking the team through all of the steps of brewing. They even had to put in a shift removing the mash from one of the stills – all 1,700 pounds of grain and 50 pounds of oatmeal! The mash is then collected by local farmers who use it to feed their cattle.

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