Beer Alien co-founder Terry Bunch and Beer Alien reporter Will Barrows reviewed the Eureka! restaurant in the UTC Mall in San Diego, CA. Besides having good food, they also serve up a wide selection of craft beer and whisky. Check out the review below:

Eureka Restaurant

Eureka Restaurant

Eureka Burger has a great selection of interesting food and craft beer, spirits to accompany them. Their cocktails are made with fresh ingredients and they carry around 40 different whisky’s. We really liked the set up except that it is difficult to read the list of craft beers because of how busy they were. People were in the way of seeing the chalkboard from our seats.

The Truffle Cheese Fries were most likely the best we’ve ever tasted. They were made with creamy Havarti sauce, green onions and piled high. We were able to try two of their signature burgers, the Jalapeno Egg Burger and the Fresno Fig Burger.

Jalapeno Egg consists of fried egg, cheddar, bacon, spicy chipotle sauce, jalapenos and signature hand cut fries on the side. A great combination and everything went well together.

Fresno Fig contains fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato, red onion, arugula, spicy porter mustard and also a side of the signature hand cut fries. I really enjoyed this burger although because of the goat cheese it was not as heated as a burger should be.

We asked them to cut our burgers in half so that we could each try them. Pictures are below. We ordered fried and onion rings as our sides. Both were very tasty and most importantly…NOT over salted like a lot of places.

Because of their wide variety of whisky, we recommend doing a flight of four and you won’t be disappointed. They specialize in craft whisky so you won’t find a Jameson, but you have already tasted that. Expand your whisky knowledge and try something new. The knowledgeable staff can help make recommendations if you are not sure what to choose.

Some of the items on their menu we were’nt able to try out that looked interesting were the Mac n Cheese Alfredo under the Appetizer section, the Catalina Bison Burger and the Tortilla Burger. They also have a Butterscotch Rum Pudding in the dessert section that sounded pretty tasty.

We were also impressed with one of the dessert offerings… “More Beer”

Eureka Burger was a great experience and we will definitely be going back soon!

Rating: 9/10

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