Elysian Brewing Company – Dayglow IPA

Elysian Brewing Company – Dayglow IPA

Elysian Brewing Company – Dayglow IPA


Elysian began brewing in 1996 in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district and hasn’t looked back since. Known far and wide for their pumpkin brews and innovative brew style, Elysian has since expanded to several locations within Seattle and started distributing to 16 states! With a large repertoire  of beer, Elysian has a style that fits any beer advocates taste. Don’t pass up a chance to get your hands on one!


Appearance: The Elysian Dayglow pours a deep golden/ orange color with a very small compact head. A bit of lacing as it is enjoyed with carbonation bubbles visible.

Aroma: Great hoppy aroma with citrus and tropical fruit. A hint of malt.

Taste: A medley of hop brilliance. Mild taste upfront that then transitions into a symphony of hops. Nothing too overpowering or bitter. Taste trails off at the end without losing its flavor. Leaves drinker begging for more.

Mouthfeel: Mild at first and then a burst of flavor. Some bitterness but not the main attraction. Great hop combination that is somewhat sweet. Flavor stays with you and trails off.

Overall: A fantastic array of hops that will leave IPA lovers drooling. No intense bitterness or overwhelming hop presence. Flavor starts out slow and then culminates in hop nirvana. Flavors mix extremely well to create a refreshing and clean IPA. Can’t get enough of this brew! Great for anytime but goes especially well with warm weather. Cheers!

For more information about Elysian check out their: Website, Twitter, Instagram.

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