Dupont Triomfbier Vooruit Beer Review
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The amazing humans at Total Beverage Solution provided us with some samples of some of the beers they distribute and one that stood out was Triomfbier Vooruit from Brasserie Dupont in Belgium. Depending on which humans you ask, this is a Belgian Blonde/Golden ale or it is a Belgian Smoked Saison. Either description works for us, we care more about the flavor than the style descriptor.

Triomfbier Vooruit will be available in the United States for the first time on Nov 13th. This release celebrates the fourth annual “Coast-to-Coast Toast” and is the official beer of this year’s celebration.

Before we go on and on about the aroma and mouthfeel and all that stuff you beer geek humans love, let us first do two things. First of all, this beer uses the same yeast as Dupont Saison so there are similar flavors. Secondly, they added smoked crystal malt so there is a smoky aroma and taste to the beer but not to the point where it overpowers the beer.

Ok, now that some background info is in place, we can begin with the review.

As is typical for a lot of Belgian beers, you need to pour this into your glass and let it sit for a few seconds to settle before trying to smell it or taste it. If you don’t wait, you will get some aromas or flavors more than others and that will be be doing this beer an injustice. Once it settles, you will notice a smoky, orange and bready aromas that all blend together and smell inviting indeed.

This is a clean and crisp saison, with flavors of orange or mandarin orange, bread, malt and a peat. Before we lose you if you don’t like smoky beers, this is not overpowering like some. If your experience with smoked beers was with porters and stouts, this is a totally different style of beer. The smoke for this beer came from smoked crystal malt and it imparts a noticeable flavor but not too strong.


Overall, this is an amazingly complex beer that may challenge the saison uninitiated, but will reward the brave. If you are familiar with saisons, then you will understand the complexity comment and you will truly enjoy Triomfbier Vooruit.

Remember this while sampling this beer: You cannot decide if you like a beer based on aroma alone and you need to take more than one sip to really taste a beer. Your human taste buds need to be woken up sometimes to filter all the different flavors.


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In conclusion, we strongly recommend you explore this wonderful saison and other beers from Brasserie Dupont. Expand your beer palette, increase your Untappd score and all of those other things you humans like to do.


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