DrinkTanks® Launches The World’s Largest Growler and Personal Keg on Kickstarter “The Juggernaut™”

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DrinkTanks announced on Monday the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to fund production of The Juggernaut and Kegulator. The campaign funding goal is $75K. Larger than any other growler on the market today, the Juggernaut is a one gallon, 128 oz vessel, cast from double wall, vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel. Paired with the Kegulator, an Auto-Regulating Keg Cap, it makes the perfect growler and personal portable keg:

  • The Juggernaut (patent-pending) has a guaranteed leak-proof dual-bail cap system (patented). Its ergonomic handle makes it portable and pourable, with style and comfort.
  • The Kegulator (patent-pending), an Auto-Regulating Keg Cap, will turn DrinkTanks Growlers into “mini Kegerators”– a step beyond kegs. Why? The system uses a CO2 cartridge and a purge valve to displace the air in the same way kegerators do, keeping carbonated beverages fresh to the last drop.
    • The Kegulator is compatible with both DrinkTanks Growlers: the 64 oz Classic Growler (patent-pending) and the 128 oz DrinkTanks Growler.
    • The Kegulator allows force-carbonation with control from 0 to 40 psi – perfect for homebrewers!


“It was the Kickstarter community that helped us get our 64 oz Classic Growler into production in 2013,” said Nicholas Hill, CEO and founder of DrinkTanks. “That success led to our adding ten new jobs in Bend. We’re hoping our Kickstarter friends will respond just as enthusiastically this time around, and get the Juggernaut and Kegulator off the ground!”

All DrinkTanks Growlers keep beer cold, fresh, and carbonated without refrigeration for up to 24 hours. Available in 12 stylish finishes – stainless steel finish or powder coated in 11 different colors, with custom engraving as an option. DrinkTanks Growlers are durable, and are covered by a lifetime warranty.

DrinkTanks’ Kickstarter campaign offers fantastic rewards for backers at steep discounts:

  • The Early Bird Special: Juggernaut + Kegulator – $99 ($55 below retail).
  • The first 250 backers can get the Juggernaut for $69 ($30 below retail).
  • The Kegulator, an Auto-Regulating Keg Cap: $39 ($16 below retail).
  • “The Dirty Dozen” $1299: 12 Juggernauts, 12 Kegulators and 12 Standard Caps ($561 below retail).
  • For the full list of rewards, click here: Kickstarter campaign

DrinkTanks ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, funding its original and popular 64 oz Classic Growler and adding 8 jobs to the start-up.

About DrinkTanks

Based in the craft beer and outdoor recreation mecca of Bend, Oregon, DrinkTanks was born as a father-and-son team. In 2010, Dr. Tim Hill, co-founder of the Cascade Culinary Institute, and his son, Nicholas Hill, combined their collective food and beverage knowledge and love of the outdoors to create the perfect, portable, growler and personal keg. By the end of 2015, DrinkTanks will offer the full family of stainless steel double walled, vacuum insulated growlers: the 32 oz, the 64 oz and the highly anticipated 128 oz Juggernaut, the first ever double-walled vacuum insulated growler made in this size. DrinkTanks Growlers are comprised of 22 custom parts, and built by hand, one at a time in Bend, Oregon. The rest of DrinkTanks’ history is yet to be tapped. For more information, visit www.drinktanks.com.

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