Are you humans looking to add a nice addition to your home or a last minute Christmas gift? Then look no further, the Aliens have come up with the perfect idea for any craft beer lover.

Materials needed: One 16’ x 20’ gallery frame (or to whatever sizing you like), double sided tape and coasters from your favorite brewery or bar.


Step 1: Go drink some beer and while you’re at your favorite brewery/bar be sure to take some coasters home with you, make sure to grab more than one since they are pretty fragile. If you’re too busy to get a few coasters you can buy some here or search around and find some to your liking.

Step 2: Head on over to your local arts and crafts store and choose a frame that fits your style. The hard part begins after this, choosing which coasters will make the cut. Take your time… choose wisely.


Step 3: Start laying out the coasters you chose on top of the frame to get a general idea as to how you’re going to place them. That way the process is a little bit easier when you get down to finalizing your frame. Personally, I like to start off by putting the square coasters on the corners in order to get a good feel of how the coasters will fill in.

IMG_4822 IMG_4823

Step 4: Once you’ve figured out your placement proceed to applying the double-sided tape on the backs of the coasters then placing them in their desired location on the frame.


Step 5: Finalize any last minute touches, close up the frame and enjoy your masterpiece. If you like this frame too much, you can just make another and give that one away (we wont tell anyone).


Be sure to check this project out and leave any tips/ideas you have for this project. If you have any DIY projects you’d like to see on be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll try to feature them in a future Craft Beer DIY segment.

This project can also be done with a traditional frame, a cardboard backing and glue (instead of the tape). Here is an example below of a previous one that we made in our alien lab.


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