Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Presents: Meet in the Middle

San Diegans are a quirky bunch. They think nothing of driving to LA and back on the same night to see a concert but won’t go to a friend’s BBQ in San Marcos because “it’s too far”

We’re putting together a new beer event

There are a bunch of GREAT breweries in the North County; some of the most popular beers in San Diego as a matter of fact.

However, there are a lot of brewers that don’t get much love because “they’re all the way in North County”. We want to fix that for a night.

We are putting a charity event together on the 7th of September from 6-9 out in our beautiful Handlery Hotel garden for about 350 folks. Our goal is to have all 17 of the current NorCo breweries down along with 8 chefs of a more local nature hence “Meet In The Middle”.

Come on out and discover what’s going on up North… we’ll even save you the trip.

BeerAlien.com would like to give you a discount when you purchase your tickets online. Simply go to http://middle.bpt.me and use promo code beeralien – a discounted price would be available to you.

Where: Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley – San Diego
When: September 6th – 9th


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