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6 Famous Islands And Their Best Drinks.

Who does not like beautiful beaches and some good classic drinks in hand, let's have some vibe of islands with their best and popular...

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Tips To Chill Your Glass Of Wine Without Dilution

It is pleasing to have a glass of chilled wine after a long hectic day, yet whenever you put ice cubes to your drink...

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6 Types Of Rum To Add An Exciting Twist To Pina Colada

Image by Sarah Kinsey from Pixabay All of us like to chill and party either to relax or out of the fun. A country like...

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5 Etiquettes Of Bottle Share Beer Party

A bottle share party is a party in which every person has to bring a bottle of beer. This enhances the friendliness among all...

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10 Low-Calorie Liquors You Can Drink To Lose or Maintain Weight

Losing and maintaining weight is not so easy. Especially when you are on a strict diet then you come to know how hard it...

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8 Most Beautiful Wineries In Napa Valley

We have grown up noticing many changes around us. Changes like new buildings, places, ventures, and many other things. In a country like the...

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6 Myths About Rum You Must Know About

Many kinds of liquors like red wine, barley wine, gin and others are introduced up till now. All the liquors became viral once they...

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Dereka Adam

Compound Specialist

Dereka is a compound specialist at Del Mesa Liquor. She has been experimenting in creative ways to make some amazing wines.


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