CraftHaus Brewery, a soon-to-be artisanal, craft brewery that will create quality ales, was successful in amending the City of Henderson brewpub licensing. With the tireless help of the City of Henderson licensing, Lana Hammond and zoning, Edward Dichter along with Paul Gatza, Director of The Brewer’s Association, a more modern and business friendly license was created.

Wyndee and Dave Forrest, owners of CraftHaus Brewery, started working on the amendment with the City of Henderson in April of 2013. “We are fortunate to live, work and eventually open our business in a city where they honestly want you to succeed,” said Wyndee Forrest. “This will not only benefit our business, but all breweries-in-planning in our city. We want to pay forward the camaraderie we have been shown by industry professionals,” said Dave Forrest.

The amended tavern/brewpub license now separates brewpubs into two sub categories: gaming and non-gaming. Prior to the amendment, there was only one tavern license for a brewery/taproom business model and it carried a $60,000 initiation fee. Now, the non-gaming brewpub license initiation fee is $10,000 and the new brewpub combo with gaming remains at $60,000. The license covers all the functions that CraftHaus Brewery needs to open their brewery/taproom. When CraftHaus Brewery opens, it will be the first brewpub to open in Henderson in over seventeen years.

About CraftHaus Brewery
CraftHaus Brewery will be an artisanal, craft brewery that creates quality ales and offers a taproom where guests can see where their beer is coming from. They can sit down with the brewers to hear the back-story of what is inside their glass. Owners, Wyndee and Dave Forrest, are passionate about producing excellent craft beer for their community and offering a gathering place to build relationships within their community. Their beers are traditional, but tweaked, which means the beer has a traditional backbone, but creativity is expressed by subtle and substantial tweaking. The brewery plans to open in the spring of 2014 in Henderson, NV. For more information on CraftHaus Brewery, visit

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