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SDBW Craft Beer + Bites Disappoints

SDBW Craft Beer + Bites Disappoints


IMG_0850Beer Week in San Diego is chugging right along!

Last night a few aliens gathered in East Village at a well-known San Diego destination: Makers Quarter. For those of you unfamiliar, Makers Quarter is at the center of San Diego’s street art movement. It is a collaborative community meant to foster not only art, but urban innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. The area usually features revolving art exhibits, live music and good times.

We invaded SDBW’s Craft Beer + Bites which took place at the SILO from 6-9pm. 15 of San Diego’s local craft breweries were there pouring unlimited samples into the commemorative cup that came with the purchase of a ticket. Tickets cost $40 at the door ($35 in advance).

This was our first time going to this event and we have to admit that the name was a little misleading to us aliens. The “bites” at the event were offered from only 4 different food trucks scattered around the SILO. These food options were at an additional cost to the ticket. Talking to the humans we learned that this year was different than last year in a number of disappointing ways. Though there were only 10 local breweries in attendance last year as compared to the 15 this year, there were 6 more food options last year. The ticket price went up from $30 to $40 and the event took place at night instead of during the day. 

DSC_0982As a note to those who are fishing for events to attend next year, we would definitely choose to attend the Brewers Guild Fest over Craft Beer + Bites. There were around 100 breweries in attendance at the Guild Fest and only 15 at Craft Beer + Bites, with the cost of tickets being only a $10 difference. We were expecting some food to be included at Craft Beer + Bites.  If some “bites” were included it would have make up for the similarity in price, but sadly they weren’t. Food trucks were also available at the Guild Fest, making the events extremely similar. The main difference was that Guild Fest had way more delicious beer!

Maybe it was just us, but we also felt like the breweries were offering way more swag and stickers at the Guild Fest than they were at Craft Beer + Bites. Dim lighting made it hard to find booths and read signs. Since it was an outdoor event at night, it was a little bit too cold to thoroughly enjoy ice-cold beer.

There were some redeeming qualities about the event. The hanging lights in the SILO were very romantic and the wood chips covering the floor were reminiscent of an adolescent fall hayride with your first crush. The graffiti art around the SILO was unique and beautiful to look at and many people took advantage of the dog friendly atmosphere.

Overall, the event was a fine choice to attend if you couldn’t get the time free or your hands on some Guild Fest Tickets. If the event is outdoors next year, make sure you bundle up!

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