Coronado Brewing Stingray IPA
4.6Overall Score
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Coronado’s Stingray Imperial IPA pours a pale gold with an immediate aroma of citrus and fruity notes presented by the citra and mosaic hops used to brew this beer. The refreshing, slightly tropical aroma was just teasing me to take my first sip.

Since this IMG_2928is an Imperial IPA, I was bracing myself for more of an aggressive hop bitterness, but this was not the case. With an IBU of only 48, this surprisingly smooth IPA was easy to drink with just enough bite to earn it’s title ‘Stingray’. I tasted the beer and noticed a slightly tangy citrus profile followed by hints of peach and nectarine.The clean maltiness and desirable amount of carbonation also contributed to this well-rounded brew. Without a doubt, this beer is exceptionally refreshing and can be enjoyed by hop-heads and non hop-heads alike!

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