Coronado Brewing Company - Señor Saison Beer Review
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This beer pours light and is highly carbonated, around a 10 SRM. It has a foam head that lasts awhile and tickles your nose with some spicy bubbles.

This beer was inspired by some flavors of south of the boarder, from jalapeños and piloncillo and some agave nectar. But the aroma is surprisingly not jalapeno spicy, but the spicy from the white pepper from the yeast that is used. As the beer warmed up, I started to get the jalapeño spice, but it was very slight. The yeast is the big player in the aroma.

I typically steer clear when I see a beer with Jalapeños or Habeñero, I am just not interested in drinking spice, but this beer is pleasantly easy to drink and does not pack the heat that I was expecting. The flavor gives peppery spicy from the yeast and Hallertau hops, and then ends with silght jalapeño heat. This a great starter beer for anyone that wants to drink some spice, but wants to keep their taste buds after.

Señor Saison is a very balanced, easy to drink 6.5% ABV Saison. The piloncillo, agave and the Munich malt help bring the spice down by adding a nice malty back bone.

I would pair this beer with Grilled fish tacos. The small about of heat that you do get from the beer would go nicely with some pico de gallo, and the grilled fish would pair with the maltiness of the saison, while the high carbonation would clean you palate for the next bite.

senor seison

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